Carlos Mencia & Joe Rogan


I’ve been following the Carlos Mencia–Joe Rogan drama. Rogan has been accusing Mencia of stealing other comedians’ jokes, and recently went on stage during a Mencia performance to call him out. He made a video of the confrontation which makes a pretty good case that Mencia is indeed a joke stealer. It’s 10-minutes long but worth it (look for the Amazing Racist cameo):

So The Comedy Club in L.A. banned him and his agent let him go. But not Mencia—Rogan. Because Mencia has large audiences willing to pay to see him, Rogan has pissed off the people that Mencia is helping enrich. It doesn’t matter how noble or honest your cause is—if you get in the way of the green, you will be stopped by those who have power. Lesson in this is to always have a savings account, just in case your character gets you in trouble.

—Joe Rogan’s blog

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13 comments on “Carlos Mencia & Joe Rogan

  1. I thought that rogan had just introduced the next comedian and somehow referred to carlos menstealia as being in the house. It was then that mencia jumped on stage and dared rogan to say it to his face. Needless to say, hilarity followed.

  2. Yeah, when you have two shows in syndicate like Rogan you don’t really need to worry about that green stuff anymore.

    I was surprised to find the other day when this stuff broke that Carlos Mencia isn’t even his real name, but rather a stage name that sounds Mexican. His real name is something German, but I can’t remember what it is now…

  3. Carlos Mencia isn’t the least bit funny, and now you’re telling me his jokes are stolen. He’s that unfunny that he can’t even pick the funny jokes to steal. Awesome.

  4. joe rogan is a comedian? i thought he just did UFC and told people to eat gross things for money. either way that fear factor chapelle show skit is funny.

  5. i think carlos mencia is funny i masturbate to him and jack off watching his show i would have anal sex with him anytime

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