1. Don’t bother trying to get phone numbers and date.

Notice how in my night game breakdown there is absolutely nothing about going on dates with girls. If you’re moving to Iceland permanently, get as many numbers as you want, but if you’re only there for a short time, asking for phone numbers from girls you meet in the bars or clubs is a dumb move. Unless her boyfriend is right there and she wants to give her number for a late-night rendezvous, your phone’s dial pad shouldn’t be used on weekend nights. In Iceland my cell phone mostly served as a heavy watch.

The lack of dating in Iceland creates a fascinating bang progression. In America, it would take a certain number of digits, kisses, and dates to get one bang. For example, you could get twenty numbers, go out on four dates, kiss two of them, and bang one, building momentum off smaller closes to get the big close—sex. In Iceland, you can go seemingly long periods without anything at all, not even an innocent kiss on the cheek, and then bang—you catch a girl at the right time and she’s down for your afterparty.

The smallness of Iceland does a good job of explaining why there isn’t a dating culture. Consistently running into the same people over and over again encourages men to bide their time and take less immediate risks. For them it’s okay that they didn’t make a move on the pretty girl they’ve been eyeing because odds are he’ll see her again next week, possibly with a mutual friend who can set up an easy social introduction. Even if conversations do go well, why should he ask her out on an expensive and possibly awkward dinner date when he’ll see her again while she’s more liquored up and horny? The guys are passive not because they’re genetically weak (they come from Viking stock for fuck’s sake), but because the environment encourages them with more bangs if they pretty much wait for pussy to fall onto their laps.

2. You’ll run out of girls to approach if you stay too long.

If you’re staying for a while, you’ll feel the smallness in the second month once you start to recognize most of the people in your regular bars. If you plan on moving to Iceland for a long period of time, you’ll eventually run out of girls to approach. In that case, it will be worth reapproaching girls in the hope that they’re hornier the second time around.

Reapproach by saying, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” This is actually the common approach that Icelandic men use, and it works because it will help get a conversation going about who you know and what places you frequent. Even if you’re 100% sure where you’ve seen her before, pretend that you’re only vaguely familiar about how you met. You lose a lot of value by vividly remembering people, because it implies that they impacted you strongly.

3. What you think of as “game” has little effect in Icelandic.

The game that works best in a country is a reflection of that culture. In hyper-competitive America, with a wide gap between the haves and have-nots, the proper game is showing how you’re better than the next guy, either by being funnier, more talented, more famous, more of an asshole, or what have you. In Iceland, a small, egalitarian culture where class differences are minor and everyone treats everyone else the same, the proper game is being a chill, outgoing guy who can provide the best logistics for private sex.

I must stress that in Iceland I didn’t feel like I was using game at all. I definitely didn’t win over any Icelandic girls with complicated routines or techniques like I would with their American counterparts. On one hand, this news should be welcome to guys who have a ways to go before having tight game, but on the other hand, for guys who rely exclusively on game skill, trying to get laid in Iceland can feel like taking a step backwards.

4. Minorities do better in Iceland than in America.

The tricky part of generalizing how well a black man would do in Iceland, for example, is that you don’t see much hooking up in the bars. So while on the surface things seem to be neutral, who knows if they’re actually going to have sex afterward. That said, it wasn’t obvious to me that minorities would have an easier time than myself (girls consider me more Latino-looking than Middle Eastern).

The guys who should do best are Latinos, since their olive complexion is considered sexy. Next up are black guys, who should focus on clubs that play hip-hop music to better target a more open-minded audience. Then we have Asian and Indian guys, who will see less discrimination from Icelandic girls than American girls. I don’t like making generalizations on race because individual variance is so great, but I believe minorities should have it easier in Iceland than in America. White guys should find it easier as well. In fact, Iceland is easier for everyone!

5. Being an America is neither a strength or weakness.

The only time being American really helped was if she happened to love America or had traveled there, something that is becoming increasingly rare due to the weak Icelandic currency. Therefore don’t expect much of a warm welcome, even if you dress or look completely different from the locals. Your bangs are mostly going to result from approaching a horny, drunk girl at the end of the night, not by somehow broadcasting your exotic status by looking cool at the bar.

That’s not to say that you won’t be approached for looking cool at the bar. I was approached more in Iceland than I was in Washington DC, but waiting to get approached isn’t a sound game model if you have a short timeline. Also, the typical girl coming up to you will be chubby with average looks. Depending on your standards, this could be good or bad, but for me the hottest Icelandic girls I fucked were the ones I approached.

6. Icelandic guys have horrible game but great style.

It’s safe to say that Icelandic guys can’t approach. Until I got to Denmark, I’ve never seen such piss-poor all-around game. I’ll give them a pass because the Icelandic environment promotes passivity, a strategy that may actually increase the chance for a permanent male resident to land a girlfriend. While sometimes they do approach while drunk, the only time I saw “normal” approaches was from Icelandic guys who had lived abroad (in places where they had to approach to get laid) or guys who like American culture and have been exposed to game writings on the internet.

Don’t take any advice from an Icelandic guy about women. Either they have no idea what they’re talking about or they’ll fuck with you by giving obviously bad advice (a part of me thinks they don’t like the idea of richer foreigners coming to Iceland to bang their women). If an Icelandic guy is talking a big game to you, ask him to demonstrate. Chances are he’ll pile on the excuses about how he doesn’t think any of the nearby girls are cute or how he has a girlfriend. Unless a dude shows you how it’s done, don’t listen to him because it’s just way too tempting for them to sabotage foreigners.

However, feel free to accept fashion advice from the guys, who dress as if coming out of a GQ photo shoot. I brought some nice clothing to Iceland that would have made me stand out in an American bar, but I looked almost underdressed in Iceland, where guys rocked bow ties, skinny ties, suit jackets, pocket squares, and cardigans. Their dedication to style is especially surprising considering how expensive clothing is, making me conclude that most of an Icelander’s income goes toward booze, clothes, and food—in that order.

7. Icelandic hookup culture is kind of fucked up, and that’s coming from me.

I still can’t get my head wrapped around how strange Icelandic hookup culture is. It’s basically backwards: they have sex first before having an extended conversation that women from almost any other country in the world would require as a prerequisite to sex. While I’m not complaining, it was sadly all downhill after I had sex with an Icelandic girl, because she’d then start with the lame, arrogant feminist shit that I don’t care for. Thankfully all that nonsense came after I already got what I wanted.

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